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In today’s technologically advanced world, people can now easily buy goods and services online through a e-store at their own convenience without having to jump into their cars, leave their home, avoid check-out lines all while in the comfort of their homes..

In 2019, more than 1.9 billion people purchased goods or services online and e-commerce sales surpassed $3.5 trillion global sales with this projected to rise exponentially. More and more consumers are acclimatising to buying things online and we at Digital Easily cater for all the e-commerce needs and requirements to ensure that we build you a worthy and credible e-store.

Digital Easily understands this specific sector of digital marketing extremely well as our first ever assignment was to build and scale up an e-commerce store from the ground up.

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Creation of e-commerce stores and platforms vary from brand to brand and business to business. Each store has its own identity, and our experienced developers are on hand to craft your dream into a fully-fledged and functioning reality. Coding and programming e-stores isn’t like any other website and requires knowledge, proven methods and trust building so your customers are able to visit time after time.


Designing and implementing ecommerce stores and platforms can come so many different shapes and sizes. Consumers want a good user experience so that they are comfortable and happy to visit again and again. Digital Easily can build e-stores from ground up using specialist suites such as Magento or can also utilise industry wide reputable e-commerce platforms like Shopify. If your store isn’t optimised across all omni channels and devices correctly then you risk creating a negative user experience.


The benefit of an online store is that you don’t need to restrict to just selling in your own country or location. With an e-commerce store your business is truly global. You can sell to any country that you can ship to and the potential for building a worldwide customer base is absolutely possible. In addition, you can also process order without being there. Your business never sleeps!


Providing a fun and happy online experience is paramount to encourage customer retention. Consumers will come back and shop from your store again and again if they like interacting. Businesses that aim to capture the emotion in consumer buying habits are proven to be much more successful in keeping them. Every feature in your online store must guide them through the buying process and make it pleasurable by having quick load speeds, smooth navigation and clear content.


There are various e-commerce platform providers out there that can considerably reduce your initial investment and but also restrict the level of customisation you have control over. Sometimes these are very useful, and we work across all platform and can develop and design in their respective structures.


One of the biggest and crucial parts of having an online store. A safe, reliable and user-friendly shopping cart experience where your consumers can feel safe and secure knowing they can purchase from your store without stress free. Ensuring all relevant laws, security protocols are followed and adhered to encourage confidence. And above all else, maintaining an efficient and trustworthy process in interacting with your store.

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