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The Programmatic Era

Programmatic advertising spend in 2022 exceeded $415 billion with spending set to pass $493 billion in 2022. $329 billion was already spent in 2021 alone. In fact, programmatic display advertising has far exceeded year-to-year expectations. The figure is set to reach a whooping $725 billion by 2026.

The numbers don’t lie.

By the end of 2021, 88% of all digital display marketing was spent via programmatic advertising

Like many brands and clients, you have probably had great success utilising digital advertising to help grow and scale your business across the years. You have developed Google Ads campaigns that are a trusted part of your lead and sales generation tactics and made the most from paid social campaigns to expand brand awareness to fuel the sales engine.

However, in this new tech-first driven age, you may feel like you have maximised and exhausted all avenues from your current platforms. Perhaps, it’s time to evolve your advertising strategy to grow your business and exposure even further in this new era. If so, you need to consider programmatic advertising.

No doubt you’ve heard of programmatic advertising over the past few years. Maybe your current agency has preached the powers of programmatic, or you have heard industry experts advocate its benefits, or even seen it advertised at exhibitions and trade shows.

So why do advertisers increasingly turn to programmatic for their campaigns, and what is it really?

The Why?

Many more businesses are now turning to programmatic display ads with its laser focused targeting, ensuring the correct ads are put in front of the right consumers and as a result, preventing valuable budget and resources from being wasted.

In fact, you need NOT worry about whether your ads are going to the right screen and audience anymore, with programmatic, digital advertising efforts can safely and successfully reach the desired target. And the best thing about it, its automated!

So, what are
Programmatic Ads?

Programmatic Ads are sophisticated way to place advertising. By definition, its the automated buying and selling of digital advertising. Programmatic networks rely on algorithms to place ads for advertisers which allows agencies such as Digital Easily and our clients to focus on running your business.

It uses traffic data and online display targeting to drive impressions at scale which results in a better ROI for marketers, brands and organisations. It can also yield great results for both SMEs and global brands, so don’t ignore it just because your organization is small.

It does this by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to buy advertising in real-time, instead of going through human negotiations and pre-set prices.

Programmatic will continue gaining ground in years to come, as advertisers, ad tech platforms, and publishers collectively work toward a new normal.

Powerful Ad-Tech

Digital Easily programmatic advertising services offer an Ad Tech platform with a global reach. Combined with local data, engaging creatives across 67+ exchange sources. In addition to internal and external tech, brand safety tools, unique rich media solutions and an integrated data management platform. Your advertising campaigns won’t ever be the same again!




Clients Worldwide


Media Inventory


Data Stories

We have arguably the broadest audeince reach in the market. With access to 67+ ad exchange s, we help you advertise on thousands of the most popular local and international websites and apps. Google’s DV360 is part of our network.


We use the most updated brand safety tools to protect our clients from ad fraud. Thanks to our partnerships, we help our clients make huge savings by showing their ads to real people, not bots.


We support and use 3rd party tools to create reports and perform market research. Moreover we support 3rd part creative-serving and development.

How do we collect data?

Eskimi DMP- data management plantform- combines 1000s of unique 3rd party and 1st party data points across user interests, location, devices, telecom data, behaviour and many more to provide insights and tageting of your audience.

Data collection & aggregation process

Welcome to DSP!

Digital Easily programmatic advertising services offer an Ad Tech platform which provides software and tools that help brands target, deliver and analyse their digital advertising efforts. We combine programmatic, big data and digital media into a powerful platform with a global reach.

Brand Safety

The DSP (demand side platform) helps brands to feel safe about where their ads will be placed. By default, for all campaigns, all sensitive IAB categories such as Adult, Betting, etc. are excluded from the inventory.


This is a key metric for DSP. Therefore, we provide standard IAB viewability tracking while we ensure machine learning and manual optimisation, which is done by the Ad Operations team

Fraud Detection

The DSP goes further for brands that are looking for fraud detection solutions. We can exclude fake clickers, high page- view exclusion and many more. This allows brands to reach real people.


Don’t just take our word for it. We are all about results.Check out our campaigns for our happy clients….

Cutting edge AdTech tools are worthless without the talent, knowledge or time to effectively utilise them to their full potential.