Understand your Audience, Engage with them, and Convert!

Data and information is critical once you know what to do with it. Once you establish a digital customer base and audience its then about using that information to your brands advantage.

We define customised email marketing strategies and campaigns that align with your short and long-term strategic marketing objectives to drive interaction with your products and services directly with your customers through – engagement, offers, brand awareness and much more with the aim of converting them into objective outcomes.

We track this and provide analysis on which customers have engaged and at what stage of the email marketing journey.



Devising the right email marketing strategy is no easy feat. This requires a remarkably high level of skill and precision to inspire actions from the right people. Our experienced team has done the research, so you don’t have to. We design various strategies from start to finish and provide analysis and tracking of those campaigns so that you know who is interacting for lead generation, increasing email database, conversions, obtaining download and much more.


We design enterprise solutions and platforms for analytics but also work with all the relevant analytics providers out there. Keeping a close eye on how your campaigns are performing and which ones are yielding better results. These are critical parts of a successfully run campaign.


Ultimately this is what email campaigns are about. To drive traffic to your website, develop lead generation and build a clear path for conversion. The returns on investment from email campaigns can be remarkable. That’s if done correctly. When you understand your customers and the people who interact with you, these key insights can help lay the foundations of a successful email strategy.


Newsletters are easy and a great way to stay within consumer mindset and build key brand awareness. Sending relevant website content, offers, updates and promotions is a proven tactic to stay connected and engaged with consumers and drive sales. In addition, you can also set up automated emails for new accounts, welcome emails, signups, sales confirmation and so forth. They are all methods to keep users connected.


Email campaigns can provide a high level of brand awareness and recognition. By tailoring a specific email campaign, you can direct you customers to where you intend to guide them. Understanding your audiences likes, dislikes, habits and behaviours makes all the difference is response rate and conversion metrics.


How can you make a sale out of a consumer who wasn’t going to buy from you? Retarget them! These customers are mere window shoppers. They may have landed on a product page, added something to a wish list or abandoned cart. By having access to this data you can then send them specifically tailored offers and promotions to direct them back to your store to buy at their own will. Don’t be fooled, it is extremely hard tactic and strategy to get right sustainably for the long term. We have the experts to make it happen.

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