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At Digital Easily, we are passionate and driven to exceed expectations – we don’t do normal, only extraordinary! Our experienced and creative team take great pride and pleasure at designing digital masterpieces that fit appropriately into the digital universe.

Our UI/UX and graphics designers combined with our world class developers and programmers come together to deliver fully bespoke, customised, captivating, engaging and user-friendly websites. Nothing is left to chance. Each piece of your website’s features, and functionality has a strategic and end user purpose in mind. You may have a fantastic and unique idea, concept or image in your head that you need to bring to life. Well, you give us the blank canvas (specifications) and we do the painting!.

“A website is a window through which your business says hello to the world”

A website is a must in this day in age. It gives your brand and business credibility. Now let us be frank. If you don’t have one – you will definitely need one!

And if you have one, but it’s not quite fulfilling its purpose then we need to look at re-designing it to maximise it true potential

Below are some of the web design and development services Digital Easily offers:



Our graphic designers and UI/UX connoisseurs are on hand to translate your vision into reality. They are all over the emotional and visual responsiveness of your website from the perspective of time, space, colour, image and engagement. They have tried and tested formulae's that are endless, always seeking to gain maximum appeal. Very simply, if the customer or end user isn’t engaged within the first 7-10 seconds of first looking at a website, then you are leaking potential. First impressions must count!


Something that we are extremely proud and happy of, to be house some of the best developers, that are not just good at coding and programming, but understanding your philosophy and how to codify it. They have designed small to large scale websites from start-ups and e-commerce, all the way up to government level. They are in the know regarding all the latest technologies and have consistently provided the ultimate user engagement and flawless user experience.


Creating a website is just one piece of the puzzle. Managing it, keeping it updated with the latest trends and technologies is another. We create your customised content management system (CMS) with the aim of keeping it at peak performance. You keep the control and manage your content with ease, earning google approval in the process. And the best part, you don’t need any coding or programming experience.


Buying and shopping online has become a massive part of our lives. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t bought something online. Consumer buying habits have changed forever. Products and services are just a click away. We create safe and secure shopping experiences for e-commerce websites and platforms off all shapes and sizes to ensure maximum efficiency bringing customers back time after time.


Digital Easily creates and utilises all relevant platforms providing microsites and analysis of consumer buying profiles and behaviours. We build landing pages and other layers of web pages to increase traffic to your website and increase your digital footprint in subtle ways. This creates the start of the lead generation process and if that is done correct will end with the right conversion of customers.


Due to the consistently evolving nature of technology, sometimes websites become outdated due to technological advancement or not having the right budget when starting out. Sometimes we just have to change with the times. We have audited thousands of websites across many years and are very familiar with the challenges of creating long term sustainable websites that require small changes from time to time or major make-overs when necessary.

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